The Apparent Contradiction

Our normal experience contradicts the ideals set forth in the human aspiration.   We experience the ego with its animal-based drives and desires, limited powers and awareness, and its separation from “the world”.  We experience pain and suffering, limitation, privation, struggle, stress and the imperatives of the necessities of life and existence.  We are subject to death.  How can we discover God, Light, Freedom and Immortality under such conditions?  We can get a glimpse of these higher states on occasion through some supreme breakthrough in the individual awareness.  If we remain stuck in the view of the present state of Mankind and our conscious awareness, we find no way out.  At some point we begin to doubt whether there is any reality to these aspirations.    But in a deeper view of the workings of Nature we see that it is the very nature of the contradiction and the depth of the contradiction that actually signifies the deeper intent and purpose in Nature.  For Nature often works through the tension of opposites, of ultimate contradiction to spur the effort and create the dynamism necessary for a completer manifestation.

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Chapter 1, The Human Aspiration

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