“”All Problems of Existence are Problems of Harmony”

while our small everyday mind may be more comfortable with avoiding dramatic contradictions and working out the extremely difficult  evolutionary challenges posed by extreme contradiction, Nature tends to find its best solutions when apparently irreconcilable elements are put into juxtaposition to one another and are forced to resolve their differences at the next higher level.  The result is a dramatic synthesis of opposites that has more power, more subtlety and more evolutionary potential than a compromise that leaves these oppositions essentially unresolved. 

The first of these major reconciliations occurs when life energy activates material form which has as its native tendency immobility.  The next occurs when a self-conscious mental energy develops in a life-force that is not in and of itself self-conscious.

The aspiration we hold for a greater light, freedom, force and immortality then is a next step in the resolution of the apparently impossible opposites of matter and spirit.

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Chapter 1, The Human Aspiration