Reality Omnipresent

Spirit and Matter reconciled in the cosmic consciousness, and Being and Non-Being reconciled in the Transcendent consciousness. Sri Aurobindo points out that all affirmations of Being are status or activity, while all negations are assertions of freedom both within and beyond that activity. Brahman manifests the universe, not as an illusion, but a reality, an “omnipresent reality”.

“One without a second” is not the sole statement; we also need to affirm that “all this is the Brahman”. What we presume in our limited view to be evil, ignorance, weakness are aspects of that sole reality that we have simply not had the ability to fully grasp and understand.

All the dualities of the universe are aspects of that omnipresent reality, and they all exist based on a Wisdom beyond the human mentality. The further we go in widening and uplifting our understanding, the more we can comprehend the ultimate Oneness and integral connection between these extremes. A spiritual unfolding of consciousness from level to level, an evolution of what was involved in the deepest depths of matter, to achieve ever greater states of Consciousness, Existence and Bliss, is the secret that holds within it the reconciliation of all our “irreconcilable” viewpoints. Reality, Omnipresent, One, containing, upholding and supporting all existence, but ever transcending the limits of that existence, is the key that unlocks the mystery of the dualities for us.

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Chapter 4, Reality Omnipresent


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