The Human Journey

“The ascent to the divine Life is the human journey, the Work of works, the acceptable Sacrifice. This alone is man’s real business in the world and the justification of his existence, without which he would be only an insect crawling among other ephemeral insects on a speck of surface mud and water which has managed to form itself amid the appalling immensities of the physical universe.”

The conscious existence which is involved in matter, and which progressively evolves out of matter to ever more self-aware and more powerful states of consciousness, is emerging out of that state of deeply involved inconscience to manifest absolute Existence-Consciousness-Bliss and this is the state of transfiguration which provides the real meaning of the individual existence. The individual provides this absolute and eternal Being the opportunity to manifest in a state of relative difference and multiplicity, integrating the Oneness of the Absolute with the Multiplicity of the infinite number of forms and existences that populate that universe.

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Chapter 6, Man in the Universe


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