Force and Consciousness

The question arises as to the status of Force in relation to Existence. Some philosophies hold that Existence is subject to Force and at its mercy. But this would negate the experience of the pure Existent beyond all manifestation, the Transcendent all-containing, all-embracing One. When we recognize that the Existent also possesses Consciousness, and that it is this Consciousness that permeates all of the manifestation and creates the movement of Force and organizes it, it becomes clear that Force cannot be a dominant, independent principle, but must be inherent in the Existence and Consciousness behind.

We need to review the nature of the term Consciousness, as many still equate consciousness with mental awareness, and of course, any clear-eyed review of the world around us makes it certain that most of the manifested world does not have this form of consciousness. Scientists and philosophers nowadays readily admit that the limited waking awareness we used to consider “consciousness” is but a small portion of the actual action of consciousness which is aware during waking, sleep and dream, and which extends beyond and far outside the boundaries of the human mentality.

It can even be said that in its own way all of matter inherently has an involved consciousness which helps us understand the precise, organized and detailed nature of the organization of atoms and universes, eco-systems and interactions of all kinds that are so clearly the work of Intelligence as to prevent us from denying that there is an Intelligence at work in the universe. We may not be able to comprehend all aspects of that intellligence, but it is manifestly available to us wherever we turn and whatever we choose to investigate.

All actions of Force manifest this inherent all-embracing Consciousness and Consciousness is in no way limited by the physical instrumentality of the senses or the brain or the being of Mankind.

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Chapter 10, Conscious Force

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