The Brain, The Senses and Beyond

“not only does the capacity of our total consciousness far exceed that of our organs, the senses, the nerves, the brain, but that even for our ordinary thought and consciousness these organs are only their habitual instruments and not their generators.” Consciousness is not bound by these physical organs, and modern science has begun to recognize this. Developments in the field of quantum physics as well as in psychology make it clear that consciousness extends out horizontally throughout the world, and there are also layers of consciousness that are subconscient to human awareness and those that are superconscient to human awareness. This is similar to the fact that our sense organs are able to perceive within a limited range, while other species have powers of perception that go above or below the vibrational range of human senses. Some animals can distinguish scent from miles away, and can track specific beings or find a specific road home, solely with the sense of smell. Some animals have a sense of sight that extends far beyond human, not only in range but in frequency. Similarly with the sense of hearing.

The human nerves and brain similarly are formed, through evolutionary need, to capture and process these sense reactions and direct mental impact in some cases, but generally within a limited range.

Quantum physics is now beginning to recognize that direct observation of a phenomenon, even a physical phenomenon such as a pattern created by atoms projected onto a screen, actually changes the results; and that the power of thought is able to both change physical nature and attract results; in other words, thought has the power to act directly in and on the material world without necessarily requiring the sense organs.

Some philosophers and researchers have discussed the existence of a noosphere, a “mental belt” around the world that carries the vibrations of thought just as there are other electro-magnetic belts. Psychologists such as C. G. Jung talk about a collective unconscious that contains the archetypal vibrational patterns that all humanity shares and responds to, on a subconscious level. Others, such as Sri Aurobindo, report levels above the mental range that we currently inhabit, and call this a supra-mental level of consciousness.

So it becomes clear that we are not bound or limited by the habitual mental patterns or the limitations of the physical senses and this becomes the jumping off place for profound changes in the way we see, interpret and respond to the opportunities of life.

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Chapter 10, Conscious Force

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