Conscious Force

In all aspects of Nature, in all forms of existence, there is the working of a detailed intelligence so precise, that it exceeds human mentality by an enormous degree. “We are entitled to see in this general fact the proof of a conscious Force at work in the animal and the insect which is more intelligent, more purposeful, more aware of its intention, its ends, its means, its conditions than the highest mentality yet manifested in any individual form on earth.”

There are those who argue that the profligate “waste” of nature argues against there being a Conscious Being in control of and mastering the world manifestation, but it must be admitted that human beings, who themselves do a lot of “wasteful” things, are not in a position to judge or interpret the inter-relationship and working of the vast outpourings of nature, and thereby cannot judge as to the element or usefulness of Nature’s wasteful ways.

It is quite clear that our human consciousness cannot have arisen out of pure inconscience, but can only have evolved out of a consciousness that was involved and existent, just as the oak tree inevitably comes out of the acorn because it was encoded and existed in its essential form therein.

“Man’s consciousness can be nothing else than a form of Nature’s consciousness.”

“The Force that builds the worlds is a conscious Force, the Existence which manifests itself in them is conscious Being and a perfect emergence of its potentialities in form is the sole object which we can rationally conceive for its manifestation of this world of forms.”

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Chapter 10, Conscious Force

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