Supermind in Time and Space

The ancient sages described a consciousness that has all the characteristics of the supramental consciousness as we have noted in a previous post. The Mandukya Upanishad describes it thus “One seated in the sleep of Superconscience, a massed Intellligence blissful and the enjoyer of Bliss…This is the omnipotent, this is the omniscient, this is the inner control, this is the source of all.”

Supramental Consciousness is the Creator consciousness that translates pure Existence-Consciousness-Bliss into the names, forms and circumstances of the manifested universe. “This is the truth of that which we call God.” Through this power of Knowledge-Force the Self-Knowledge of the one Existent and the pure Existence is converted into the multiplicity and divisions of forms into extensions of both Time and Space. This manifestation takes place through the working of the “self-law” of the one Being such that it has orderly process and apparent causality.

This progressive development of the world from this creative Truth Consciousness is seen by us as an extension both through time and through space. “Time and Space are that one Conscious-Being viewing itself in extension, subjectively as Time, objectively as Space.” Mind sees Time as the extension of a measured sequence of past, present and future, with mind taking a standpoint where it can see these sequential steps and recognize “before” “during” and “after” as conceptual realities. Mind views Space in the framework of the division of substance into distinct parts which relate to one another in terms of a sequence of “distance”.

“In actual fact Mind measures Time by event and space by Matter”. However, in a deeper sense, both of these represent the working out of the Self-Knowledge and Self-Law of the Supramental creative consciousness to manifest its being. We can consider them to be the “warp and woof” of creation. Without the aspect of Time we would have an eternal, unchanging present. Without the aspect of Space one would have an undefined and indivisible extension of Infinity. In both cases, the ordered manifestation obviously cannot take place. There would be a perpetual unchanging harmony. This would however not permit the process of change, evolution, self-finding, play of consciousness which we have previously seen to be the purpose of the manifestation.

The Supermind is able to “embrace and unify” the successions of Time and the divisions of Space. The unchanging, infinite Real-Existence holds and supports the manifestation that we see as sequentially rolling out through Time and Space.

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Chapter 15, The Supreme Truth Consciousness

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