The Truth Consciousness Manifests in All Forms

The mind, starting from its limited perspective of both Time and Space, sees the unfolding of the manifestation as a field of conflict and opposition, clashes of different forces, each fighting to come into the forefront against numerous other offsetting powers or opportunities.

But if we look at this same manifestation from the viewpoint of the Supramental Consciousness, what the Vedic Seers called the “Truth-Consciousness” we see an inherent harmony of manifestation that systematically brings forth all its various forms, aspects and inflections, using the modalities of Time and Space, but not losing the inner Truth of Oneness of what is manifesting. The clashes or oppositions from this viewpoint are simply aspects of a greater harmony, and there is no real conflict. The Truth-Consciousness is able to see the “big picture” and the role played by each element, while the mind cannot even remotely grasp all these elements and certainly cannot weave them into the larger pattern of the universal conscious Being which is manifesting itself through all these forms and events.

At the same time, this Supramental Consciousness dwells within the forms that are manifesting, and is able to express them within the limits it has set to achieve the greater pattern that needs to evolve. The Bhagavad Gita describes this conscious action of the one Conscient Being as “seated within everything as the Lord in the heart of all existences,–he who turns them as on an engine by the power of his Maya.”

“Each thing in Nature, therefore, whether animate or inanimate, mentally self-conscious or not self-conscious, is governed in its being and its operations by an indwelling Vision and Power, to us subconscient or inconscient because we are not conscious of it, but not inconscient to itself, rather profoundly and universally conscient.”

It is for this reason that we see the works of intelligence throughout Nature. We sometimes call these works of intelligence “animal instinct” or “natural law” but one way or the other, there can be no denying that some indwelling Intelligence is at work, moving, shaping and manifesting each form according to a predetermined Vision and Knowledge.

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Chapter 15, The Supreme Truth Consciousness

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