Supermind Functions Through Knowledge By Identity

The mind looks at the processes of birth, growth in life, and death as a fixed “law of nature” and through its separative viewpoint, it is able to organize, categorize and analyze these laws. However, none of this actually provides any real solution as to why it should so occur, what intelligence formed it in that way, and what the significance of that particular manifestation happens to be. The mind is stuck simply reciting a series of facts or events, without ever seeing the bigger picture of which the particular process is just a small part.

The supramental consciousness does not look at these processes of nature in isolation. These laws of nature and the forms that are manifested are created “by the force of the cosmic existence”. No form, no being exists “on its own” without being part of the larger universal manifestation and it is defined within that larger framework as to its significance, meaning, role and exact working out of its form and its action. “The tree does not explain the seed, nor the seed the tree; cosmos explains both and God explains cosmos.” The Supramental Consciousness is self-aware of each form and within each form. It is a knowledge by identity, not by separation. Thus, the Knower, the Object of Knowledge and the Process of Knowing, are all in fact, one and identical.

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Chapter 15, The Supreme Truth Consciousness

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