Supermind Acts to Manifest the Mind

“Brahman is in all things, all things are in Brahman, all things are Brahman.” This formulation, in a nutshell, is the essence of the comprehensive consciousness known as Supermind. The universal Existence, Consciousness and Bliss is present in both the latent, unmanifest womb of existence, and in the extended, manifested cosmos expressed through Time and Space.

The question then arises, where does our limited mental view of things come from and what supports it? There is a power in the creative action of Supermind to project and create the apparently separate forms that occur in Matter, Life and Mind. This power of division or segmentation is one in which the Consciousness can stand back and observe the creations as if separate and different, while these forms are encapsulated and are unaware of their unity with the wider all-embracing consciousness.

While there is no ultimate distinction between the Creator and the Creation, or between the Knower and the Known, there is a relative distinction created by this action of the creative supramental power, what we have previously described as the creative power, the “maya” of the Supramental Knowledge-Force. The purpose of this self-division is to create a play of difference, even while based on underlying unity, which allows the joy and self-finding experience from the interchange, interaction and shock of forces and manifestations to occur.

This standpoint of relative separation based on an underlying unity, is the preparatory step of the Truth Consciousness readying the unique action and principle of the mental level of creation. “The one real change has been an unequal concentration of consciousness and a multiple distribution of force.”

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Chapter 15, The Supreme Truth Consciousness

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