The Third Poise of the Supermind Provides Reality to the Individual Manifestations

The third poise of the Supermind would reverse the focus such that the Unity is put behind and the play of force through the individual form or manifestation becomes the primary focus. While the unity is never entirely lost, it is clearly in the background and the separation or dualism is the key component that allows the play of the multiplicity to begin and continue.

While the individual forms of the Divine would still be aware of the Oneness, they would be focused and absorbed in the play of the Multiplicity.

The three standpoints or poises of Supermind are not truly separate and independent from one another, but are aspects that allow the all-comprehending power of the Supermind to both be founded in the Unity while supporting and creating the manifested worlds and beings for the play of forces, forms and consciousness. There is a reality to the Multiplicity just as there is a reality to the Unity. One cannot be determined “real” and the other “unreal”. While human mentality easily gets fixated on one term or another of these three poises, and thereby erects a philosophy or religious standpoint based on whichever term it favors at a particular time, in fact, there can be no ultimate separation, division or opposition between these three poises.

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Chapter 16, The Triple Status of Supermind

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