The Mind Working Through the Life Energy

The first realisation of the inner soul or Purusha, while of great value in freeing the mind of the limitations imposed by the physical world, still suffers from the artificial separation from the Oneness that makes it see itself as separate and distinct. It remains ignorant of the other selves and the action and existence of the whole, except insofar as it experiences them from its own limited standpoint, externally and partially. It is however more sensitive and able to also pick up the sense or feeling of the life energy on a more subtle level and respond to that, although possibly not with a conscious awareness of how this influence is working on it. This level is bound to the working of the life energy and just as the physical being is bound to the physical form, this level of awareness and working of mind is bound by the working of the life energy.

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Chapter 18, Mind and Supermind


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