Overcoming the Ego-Centric Viewpoint

The apparent conflict between the true inner soul and the surface desire-soul can only be resolved through the harmonising influence of the supramental consciousness-force. It is at this next level of manifestation that the dividing principle of the mind is resolved into the comprehensive harmony principle of unity in multiplicity.

Nature uses the ego to provide an organising principle for action at the level of mind, life and matter. But this is an artificial formation that has no ultimate reality and is not anchored in the consciousness of Oneness. The ego is a substitute for the true inner psychic reality of the soul. It is useful to provide an organising framework for experience in the world. It also acts as a defense or shell protecting the personality from the vast and infinitely powerful forces in the world-manifestation.

Sri Aurobindo points out however “in our spiritual change we have to forego this defense; ego has to vanish, the person finds itself dissolved into a vast impersonality, and in this impersonality there is at first no key to an ordered dynamism of action.”

As this change occurs, there can be a result of a separation between the ego and the inner soul, whereby the inner realisation paralyzes the action of the outer ego-self, but this can be nothing more than an intermediate stage or realisation.

Another intermediate stage results when we create an artificial division between the two and we experience the inner realisation of the soul, but when we go into action, we still act from the standpoint of the ego-self. This result is obviously also an incomplete or intermediate realisation.

Both of these intermediate stages are still based on the dividing influence of the mind still covering or veiling the ultimate realisation. It takes the involvement of the supramental consciousness to finally break down these artificial divisions and create a perfect harmony between the inner spiritual realisation of the soul and the outer realisation of life and action based on that inner reality.

“In Supermind is the integrating Light, the consummating Force, the wide entry into the supreme Ananda: the psychic being uplifted by that Light and Force can unite itself with the original Delight of existence from which it came: overcoming the dualities of pain and pleasure, delivering from all fear and shrinking the mind, life and body, it can recast the contacts of existence in the world into terms of the Divine Ananda.”

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Chapter 23, The Double Soul In Man


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