The Role of Intuition

In order for the human being to evolve beyond the limits of mind, there must be some “link” or “connection” that opens up the possibility of an evolution of consciousness. We try to develop the powers of mind through education, training, and experience, and in some cases, outstanding results are obtained, but all within what one might call the framework of mentality. Geniuses and prodigies clearly have developed, either through some kind of innate capability or through specialised training, and more likely through a combination of both of them, abilities that seem far out of reach to those of us with what might be termed the “ordinary” powers of mental application. We may add that some individuals have developed specialised skills in certain directions and gained a facility for language and communication, art and expression, music, relating emotionally, or as is more commonly considered, for math, science, abstract reasoning, logic, spatial vision or complex multi-level strategy development.

The question that Sri Aurobindo raises for us is that none of this actually represents anything that can be clearly seen to be outside the parameters of mental action. Sri Aurobindo points out that there are however various experiences of consciousness that actually appear to come from beyond, from outside, and in fact, from a superior gradation of consciousness which can act as the bridge to the levels beyond the mind. The first of these he identifies as Intuition.

Most of what passes for intuition in fact is really at best a “seed” of intuition quickly captured and worked over by the mental powers so that it is hard to separate true intuition from the mental coverings put over it. The real truth of the intuition is rarely seen or recognized.

This however does not overcome the FACT of intuition or its role in bridging the gap between the mental level and the higher overmental and supramental levels.

The very presence of intuition, even as a seed, or an occasional flash of Knowledge not resulting from a mental process, implies the connection and the steps that can be taken to evolve beyond the mind.

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Chapter 28, Supermind, Mind and the Overmind Maya