The Path Beyond the Mind

Intuition represents one sign of the higher gradations of consciousness starting to influence and impinge upon the mental action, but it is not the only sign. Even though we described the action of genius being primarily circumscribed by the mental framework, there is no doubt that in many cases, this action is actually based on or influence by some seed of vision or inspiration that makes its way into the mind and then is covered up, distorted and watered-down. The smallest seed of inspiration is enough to be lauded as genius in the human world.

Another sign is the development of a viewpoint and action based on a wider vision and a growing impersonality. These are native signs of a gradation of consciousness not strictly bound or limited by the walls erected by the mind, life and body. We see individuals who begin to formulate their thought and action from this wider viewpoint and we clearly begin to recognize that they are beginning to represent a stage beyond our current limited human egoistic consciousness.

Other signs can be seen in those cases of inspiration, revelation, divine vision which open a doorway of understanding and allow individuals to grasp and understand things without the normal plodding mental action.

The enormous pressure toward mystical and spiritual experience, and the numerous instances of individuals who have followed the spiritual path, and obtained the spiritual vision, show us that there is a reality beyond the mind that is exerting a pressure and influence on the mind of humanity to go “beyond”.

The fact that humans tend to interpret, to add mental frameworks, logic and analysis to the pure inspiration, to develop specific dogmatic or religiously inspired forms to these inspirations does not change the underlying reality of that experience as part of the development of mankind. This is a virtually universal phenomenon and is a signpost of the infinite appearing in the finite realms we inhabit and beckoning us to strive for that next evolutionary stage that is waiting just beyond the limits of the mind.

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Chapter 28, Supermind, Mind and the Overmind Maya