The Inner Consciousness of the Soul

Sri Aurobindo, having outlined the necessity and steps beyond the mind, now introduces the methodology for achieving these results. “There are two successive movements of consciousness, difficult but well within our capacity, by which we can have access to the superior gradations of our conscious existence.” The first of these is to move the consciousness inward so that we are not living in the surface mind, but in a deeper part of our being where we discover “an inner being, a soul, an inner mind, an inner life, an inner subtle-physical entity which is much larger in its potentialities, more plastic, more powerful, more capable of a manifold knowledge and dynamism than our surface mind, life or body; especially it is capable of a direct communication with the universal forces, movements, objects of the cosmos, a direct feeling and opening to them, a direct action on them and even a widening of itself beyond the limits of the personal mind, the personal life, the body, so that it feels itself more and more a universal being no longer limited by the existing walls of our too narrow mental, vital, physical existence.”

The process by which one accomplishes this may be gradual and a result of long disciplined effort, or it may be a sudden rending of the veil between the inner and outer being and nature. Sometimes it happens under a particular psychological stress and comes almost unaware to the outer personality, which is left in some cases disoriented and confused about what is going on. While in others, particularly if it is the result of a long and serious discipline to achieve balance and harmony, and on that basis to widen the understanding and impersonalize the nature, it can flow naturally and lead to the outflowering of a sense of wisdom, harmony and peace.

This is the first stage process to achieve the inner connection and thereby the link toward the universal consciousness and higher gradations of consciousness that can be contacted from that inner being.

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Chapter 28, Supermind, Mind and the Overmind Maya