Dynamic Descent of the Higher Consciousness

The ascent does not have to be purely a void or an emptiness, however. While this is the most common initial experience, there is still the possibility of a realisation that “this self is not only our own spiritual being but the true self of all others; it presents itself then as the underlying truth of cosmic existence.”

If one chooses not to remain in the silence and void of that first overwhelming experience of samadhi, within which everything loses importance in the face of the experience and takes on the aspect of an illusion, one can experience a “dynamic descent of light, knowledge, power, bliss or other supernormal energies into our self of silence.” Or we can continue our ascent into realms which are the foundation of these powers. We can enter into realms where the ultimate oneness, the Reality, are recognized.

This dynamic aspect of the spiritual ascent, and the potential of the descent of these powers into life, leads us to the recognition that an evolution beyond mind is both possible and the hidden intention of Nature, and we have here the “key” toward the transformative action that we seek, once we no longer accept the silent, empty void, Nirvana, as the sole and only outcome of a spiritual seeking.

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Chapter 28, Supermind, Mind and the Overmind Maya