Further Manifestations of the Overmental Consciousness

Sri Aurobindo calls forth the imagery of the Isha Upanishad when he describes “the Vedic image of the Sun of Truth,–an image which in tihs experience becomes a reality…” He goes on to indicate that this imagery is in fact a transcription of a real experience in consciousness. “We may compare the action of the Higher Mind to a composed and steady sunshine, the energy of the Illumined Mind beyond it to an outpouring of massive lightnings of flaming sun-stuff.”

Seers and mystics throughout the ages have spoken of the experience of illumination, enlightenment, brilliance, all imagery that attempts to describe the overwhelming experience of Light flooding into the mind in a very real and palpable way when one experiences even a small opening into the higher realms of consciousness.

“Still beyond can be met a yet greater power the Truth-Force, an intimate and exact Truth-vision, Truth-thought, Truth-sense, Truth-feeling, Truth-action, to which we can give in a special sense the name of Intuition; for though we have applied that word for want of a better to any supra-intellectual direct way of knowing, yet what we actually know as intuition is only one special movement of self-existent knowledge.” The Intuition actually originates in the overmental realms of consciousness and its action floods the mind with the sense of Light and Truth and a rightness that does not leave room for debate or doubt. The Overmind not only carries with it the flood of illumination founded in the unified Truth-consciousness, but it also, through its “brilliant golden Lid” veils this knowledge from the mind, and it represents the “occult link we were lookiing for; this is the Power that at once connects and divides the supreme Knowledge and the cosmic Ignorance.”

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Chapter 28, Supermind, Mind and the Overmind Maya