Further Understanding of the Overmind

Sri Aurobindo uses the Vedic conception of numerous Gods to help us understand the action of the overmental consciousness. Regarding the vast number of Gods in the Vedic cosmology, “it is said they are all one Existence to which the sages give different names; yet each God is worshipped as if he by himself is that Existence, one who is all the other Gods together or contains them in his being; and yet again each is a separate Deity acting sometimes in unison with companion deities, sometimes separately, sometimes even in apparent opposition to other Godheads of the same Existence.” While the Supramental Consciousness holds all of this complex interplay together as a “play” of the one Existence, in the Overmental grades of consciousness, these can actually be apparently separate actions and standpoints.

If we don’t get caught up in the religious arguments of one god or many gods, or competing gods, but simply look at these as conceptual frameworks to understand the universal powers and principles that manifest existence, we see that there are tremendous complexities involved and the ability of each one to act as if it is on its own and to create a reality based on its own principle and focus, is the essence of the action of the overmental consciousness.

The same thing happens with Idea-Force and Delight of Existence as happens with the powers of Existence itself. Each Real-Idea gains its own force of effectuation and implementation and thus, we have potentially infinite numbers of competing ideas developing themselves in the manifested world.

What is interesting here is that we come close now to being able to understand and describe the reality of what we see taking place in the world as we gain an understanding of the action of the overmind to split up and create separate standpoints and put them into action in the world. In fact, this leads to a much closer approximation of the reality we experience than any particular philosophical or religious conception of God’s creation.

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Chapter 28, Supermind, Mind and the Overmind Maya