Essential Difference in Viewpoint Between Overmind and Mind

To get at the essence of what the overmental process is, in comparison to the mental process, it may be useful to compare specific ways of addressing or understanding issues and looking at how they vary between the two standpoints. Sri Aurobindo take up this process: “To the Overmind, for example, all religions would be true as developments of the one eternal religion, all philosophies would be valid each in its own field as a statement of its own universe-view from its own angle, all political theories with their practice would be the legitimate working out of an Idea-Force with its right to application and practical development in the play of the energies of Nature.”

He goes on to provide the correlary from the mental standpoint: “In our separative consciousness, imperfectly visited by glimpses of catholicity and universality, these things exist as opposites; each claims to be the truth and taxes the others with error and falsehood, each feels impelled to refute or destroy the others in order that itself alone may be the Truth and live: at best, each must claim to be superior, admit all others only as inferior truth-expressions.”

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Chapter 28, Supermind, Mind and the Overmind Maya

Overmental Consciousness Manifests Multiplicity in Unity

The overmental consciousness while developing a virtually infinite array of potentials that are brought into existence, sitll recognizes the inherent oneness and does not put them into conflict or opposition to one another. The truth of one religion does not detract from the truth of any other religion. “There is no exclusiveness asserting each as the sole truth of being or the others as inferior truths: each God knows all the Gods and their place in existence; each Idea admits all other ideas and their right to be; each Force concedes a place to all other forces and their truth and consequences; no delight of separate fulfilled existence or separate experience denies or condemns the delight of other existence or other experience.”

The overmental consciousness accepts all the variations as equally real and valid. Its role is to allow and create the manifestation of multiple realities all based in Unity, each one a specific working out of a specific Real-Idea. The underlying unity remains a fact but the focus at this level is to achieve the independent manifestations of each unique opportunity or idea.

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Chapter 28, Supermind, Mind and the Overmind Maya