The World of the Overmental Consciousness

The overmental consciousness does not claim one specific form of knowledge as being the exclusive province of truth as the mental consciousness does. On the contrary, it would “allow all to live as necessary to the whole or put each in its place in the whole or assign to each its field of realisation or of endeavour.”

The mental consciousness, fully involved in the physical world of matter with its infinite fragmentation, has an almost impossible job of keeping the awareness of the Whole or the Oneness while it acts within the world of divisions of the Ignorance.

The overmental consciousness can recognize Truth as a unified, infinite, cosmic whole open to many different potential formulations and directions. Each one of these potentialities can, and may in some time or place, create a formation based on principles or processes wholly other than and different from those that govern us here in this current formulation of the world and manifested life.

The mental consciousness can in theory approach an awareness of total inclusive and comprehensive vision, but clearly trying to act upon this inclusivity and the complex interactions that come with it is beyond the powers of the mental world.

“Evolutionary Mind, manifest in individuals or collectivities, throws up a multiplicity of divergent viewpoints, divergent lines of action and lets them work themselves out side by side or in collision or in a certain intermixture; it can make selective harmonies, but it cannot arrive at the harmonic control of a true totality.”

The individual mind in the world of divisions does not carry this dynamic vision or ability of action; whereas the overmental world would necessarily be a world of complex harmony rather than the world of disharmony and struggle governed by the mind in the Ignorance.

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Chapter 28, Supermind, Mind and the Overmind Maya