The Suprarational Spiritual Reason

Just because our mental reasoning process cannot comprehend the Infinite, it does not mean that there is no “reason” in the operations of the Infinite. Similar to the range of perception that brackets what we can see or hear, but does not deny the reality of sight or hearing above or below our limited range, so also there is a reason-process below our mental level, which we may call instinct or law of Nature; and there is a reason-process above our mental level, “a spiritual and supramental reason”. “Intuition and inner experience alone are the guide”, basically the only instruments in the normal human experience which can begin to discern the larger framework, albeit incompletely. Eventually the Knowledge comes with “the suprarational Truth-Consciousness, from a supramental vision and knowledge.”

We can illustrate the issue this way. Sri Aurobindo points out “If we observe a happening, we judge and explain it from the result and from a glimpse of its most external constituents, circumstances or causes; but each happening is the outcome of a complex nexus of forces which we do not and cannot observe, because all forces are to us invisible,–but they are not invisible to the spiritual vision of the Infinite: some of them are actualities working to produce or occasion a new actuality, some are possibles that are naer to the pre-existent actuals and in a way included in their aggregate; but there can intervene always new possibilities that suddenly become dynamic potentials and add themselves to the nexus, and behind all are the imperatives or an imperative which these possibilities are labouring to actualise. Moreover out of the same nexus of forces different results are possible; what will come out of them is determined by a sanction which was no doubt waiting and ready all the time but seems to come in rapidly to intervene and alter everything, a decisive divine imperative.”

We can see that there is a level of complexity here several orders of magnitude beyond what the human reason can grasp. “But what is not evident to our reason and senses, is self-evident to the Infinite Consciousness, and, if there is a Will of the Infinite, it must be a Will that acts in this full knowledge and is the perfect spontaneous result of a total self-evidence.”

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part I, Chapter 2, Brahman, Purusha, Ishwara–Maya, Prakriti, Shakti, pp. 329-330

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