Beyond the Ego-Awareness to True Individuality

The ego is only a surface formulation of conscious awareness. Sri Aurobindo points out that “Behind it there is a consciousness, a Purusha, who is not determined or limited by his individualisation or by this synthesis but on the contrary determines, supports and yet exceeds it. That which he selects from in order to construct this synthesis, is his total experience of world-being. Therefore our individualisation exists by virtue of the world-being, but also by virtue of a consciousness which uses the world-being for experience of its possibilities of individuality. These two powers, Person and his world-material, are both necessary for our present experience of individuality.” He continues “We have then to recognize these two terms of our existence, a world-being and an individualising consciousness which is the cause of all our self-experience and world-experience.”

The experience of the Purusha exceeds the limitations of the ego-self and embraces the entire world-being. This does not deny the truth of the individualising experience of the Purusha, but puts it into context. “He still individualises and it is still he who exists but the mind no longer thinks of a limited temporary individualisation as all ourselves but only as a wave of becoming thrown up from the sea of its being or else as a form or centre of universality.”

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part I, Chapter 3, The Eternal and the Individual, pp. 368-369