All is in God–God is in All

There is no ultimate rationale for dissolving back into the undifferentiated, unmoving, silent Eternal Transcendence, as both the Silence and the Movement are aspects of the one Divine Omnipresent Reality. In fact, contrary to the position taken by those who focus solely on such a dissolution, the Manifested Universe is every bit as “real” as the Transcendent. Sri Aurobindo points out “but there is in the spiritual truth of the Divine Existence no compelling reason why we should not participate in this large possession and bliss of His universal being which is the fulfillment of our individuality.”

The individual is of course part of the World-Being, but there are levels of conscious awareness where the World-Being can also be experienced as part of the individual. Sri Aurobindo’s description of this relationship: “The world-being includes always the individual being; therefore these two becomings, the cosmic and the individual, are always related to each other and in their practical relation mutually dependent. But we find that the individual being also comes in the end to include the world in its consciousness, and since this is not by an abolition of the spiritual individual, but by his coming to his full, large and perfect self-consciousness, we must suppose that the individual always included the cosmos, and it is only the surface consciousness which by ignorance failed to possess that inclusion because of its self-limitation in ego.”

The implications of this go far beyond the manifestation of the physical world however: “But the plane of consciousness to which the liberated human being arises is not dependent upon the physical world, and the cosmos which we thus include and are included in is not the physical cosmos, but the harmonically manifest being of God in certain great rhythms of His conscious-force and self-delight.”

In fact, “cosmos and individual are manifestations of a transcendent Self who is indivisble being although he seems to be divided or distributed; but he is not really divided or distributed but indivisibly present everywhere. Therefore all is in each and each is in all and all is in God and God in all…”

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part I, Chapter 3, The Eternal and the Individual, pp. 370-372

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