Reconciling the Relationship Between the Eternal & the Individual

Sri Aurobindo describes the eventual reconciliation between the individual and the eternal thus: “And then we get to this that not only am I in the world and the world in me, but God is in me and I am in God; by which yet it is not meant that God depends for His existence on man, but that He manifests Himself in that which He manifests within Himself; the individual exists in the Transcendent, but all the Transcendent is there concealed in the individual. Further I am one with God in my being and yet I can have relations with Him in my experience. I, the liberated individual, can enjoy the Divine in His transcendence, unified with Him, and enjoy at the same time the Divine in other individuals and in His cosmic being.”

The relationship here is one of multiple standpoints of the One Existent, Transcendent, Cosmic and Individual, each at all times being true standpoints of that One Existent, with the varying experience based on the differences between those standpoints acting solely as a reference point for the manifestation that the Eternal creates.

Sri Aurobindo continues: “Evidently we have arrived at certain primary relations of the Absolute and they can only be intelligible to the mind if we see that the Transcendent, the individual, the cosmic being are the eternal powers of consciousness…of an absolute existence, a unity yet more than a unity, which so expresses itself to its own consciousness in us…”

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part I, Chapter 3, The Eternal and the Individual, pp. 373-374


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