Positive Affirmation of the Divine Existence

The positive affirmations of the Divine provide us a picture of the powers and magnitude of the Divine Existence, but however far we can expand, extent or extrapolate, there is still something further, something more, something beyond. It is at this point that the negative affirmations are provided, not to infer that the Divine Existence is in any way negative, but to assure us rather of the greater positive affirmations that cannot be formulated. The negatives therefore are windows to the positives.

Sri Aurobindo discusses this: “We have, to begin with, its large primary relations such as the infinite and the finite, the conditioned and the unconditioned, the qualified and the unqualified; in each pair the negative conceals the whole power of the corresponding positive which is contained in it and emerges from it: there is no real opposition. We have, in a less subtle order of truths, the transcendent an the cosmic, the universal and the individual; here we have seen that each member of these pairs is contained in its apparent opposite. The universal particularises itself in the individual; the individual contains in himself all the generalities of the universal.”

Sri Aurobindo’s summation is perhaps the last word on the subject: “The Absolute is not a sceptical logician denying the truth of all his own statements and self-expressions, but an existence so utterly and so infinitely positive that no finite positive can be formulated which can exhaust it or bind it down to its definitions.”

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part I, Chapter 3, The Eternal and the Individual, pp. 378-379


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