Viewing the “Undivine” Aspects of Life

When we speak of the transformation of life to a divine life, we imply that the current status is “undivine”. We have already acknowledged that in the ultimate viewpoint of things, all that manifests is the self-unfolding of the Absolute Eternal Being, and thus, looked at metaphysically as an absolute there can be nothing “undivine”.

However, as long as we use as our standpoint the limited mental, vital and physical perspective from which we start, we clearly have to recognize the oppositions, conflicts and contradictions that we call “undivine” and recognize that while there may not be any metaphysical truth to an “undivine” reality, there is certainly a practical “day to day” truth that must be recognized, understood and addressed. We could as easily call this a movement from Ignorance to Knowledge as from Undivine to Divine life.

Sri Aurobindo discusses this issue in this new chapter “The Divine and the Undivine” as follows: “It is this bondage to a perpetual stamp of imperfection and disharmony that is the mark of the undivine; a divine life, on the contrary, even if progressing from the little to the more, would be at each stage harmonious in its principle and detail: it would be a secure ground upon which freedom and perfection could naturally flower or grow towards their highest stature, refine and expand into their most subtle opulence.”

Of course, the real focus of our human view of what is “undivine” eventually centers on those things which we cannot accept, the “evil”, the pain, the suffering and afflication, and it is these issues we must view and address if we are to gain a deeper insight into the method and purpose of the Divine unfoldment in the manifested world.

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part I, Chapter 4, The Divine and the Undivine, pp. 388-389

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