Division and Fragmentation Are the Essential Cause of Undivine Life

When we consider the issue of “divine” versus “undivine” in life, we primarily focus on the issues of suffering and evil. A deeper view however reveals that while these two issues are indeed important aspects of the problem, they are neither the complete problem, nor in fact, the root of the problem. There are a number of powers of divine existence, such as Truth, Beauty, Power, Delight, Harmony, and Good which each make up part of what we might term a divine life on earth; and it is their opposites that together constitute the limitations, weaknesses or failures that we collectively can term undivine.

Sri Aurobindo describes what the root of the problem actually turns out to be: “If we penetrate to the cause of the fall or the failure, we shall find that all proceeds from one primal fact that our being, consciousness, force, experience of things represent, — not in their very self, but in their surface pragmatic nature,– a principle or an effective phenomenon of division or rupture in the unity of the Divine Existence. This division becomes in its inevitable practical effect a limitation of the divine consciousness and knowledge, the divine delight and beauty, the divine power and capacity, the divine harmony and good: there is a limitation of completeness and wholeness, a blindness in our vision of these things, a lameness in our following of them, in our experience of them a fragmentation, a diminution of power and intensity, a lowering of quality,–the mark of a descent from spiritual heights or else of a consciousness emerging from the insensible neutral monotone of the Inconscience…”

The principle of division, fragmentation and isolation that has forgotten the Unity of existence, is then, the root cause that needs to be addressed to move our existence from undivine to divine.

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part I, Chapter 4, The Divine and the Undivine, pp. 390-391

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