The Perfection Status of Imperfection

One way to escape the contradictions that arise when we oppose the perfection of the Divine Reality to the apparent imperfections of the world and the actions that take place in the world, is to change our perspective to look upon all the forms, beings and actions in the world as not only Divine in essence, but Divine in their nature and actions, such that what we call grief, suffering, pain, defeat, limitation, ignorance or evil, the “undivine”, is actually looked upon as being the true and correct expressions of the Divine in manifestation. In such a viewpoint, it is not the ignorance or evil that is wrong, it is simply our viewpoint of it. Looked at from this light, we are simply trying to judge the Eternal by our own limited and egoistic standards, and the correction would be to simply abandon our human limited view and accept everything as perfect, right and good!

Sri Aurobindo weighs into this discussion: “If to us things appear undivine, if we hasten to condemn this or that phenomenon as inconsistent with the nature of a divine being, it is because we are ignorant of the sense and purpose of the Divine in the world in its entirety. Because we see only parts and fragments, we judge of each by itself as if it were the whole, judge also the external phenomena without knowing their secret sense; but by doing so we vitiate our valuation of things, put on it the stamp of an initial and fundamental error. Perfection cannot reside in the thing in its separateness, for that separateness is an illusion; perfection is the perfection of the total divine harmony.”

Of course, this viewpoint is not the final word on the subject, and it is deeply unsatisfying to our human minds and hearts and inborn aspirations; and thus, cannot express the ultimate and final truth of things…

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part I, Chapter 4, The Divine and the Undivine, pg. 394


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