Ignorance Works out the Will of the All-Knowledge

Sri Aurobindo reminds us of the miraculous fact that innumerable forms, in various stages of inconscience or ignorance, together create this vast canvas of life and everything seems to work out according to some vast, but well-ordered plan. “In the universe we see this supreme self-possessing Knowledge work thorugh a multitude of ignorances, each striving to act according to its own blindness, yet through them all it constructs and executes its universal harmonies. More, the miracle of its omniscience appears most strikingly of all in what seems to us the action of an Inconscient, when through the complete or the partial nescience,–more thick than our ignorance,–of the electron, atom, cell, plant, insect, the lowest forms of animal life, it arranges perfectly its order of things and guides the instinctive impulse or the inconscient impetus to an end possessed by the All-Knowledge but held behind a veil, not known by the instrumental form of existence, yet perfectly operative within the instinct or the impetus.”

When we contemplate the wonders of Nature, the precise and effective interaction and symbiosis of all forms in Nature, the precisely engineered symmetry of crystals and atomic structures, the incredibly complex sequencing of genes and chromosomes to create infinite variety of forms that nevertheless both have an intricate pattern behind them and a precise interaction to make the entire universal Nature function effectively, we can see that there is a greater Knowledge and Power that guides, manages, and creates this outflowering of Nature.

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part I, Chapter 4, The Divine and the Undivine, pg. 403

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