Brahman In Action

As we explore the experience in consciousness that leads to the concept of Maya, it becomes clear that the psychological sense of Oneness, of complete Peace and a unified field come about when we achieve various states of quiescence and are able to separate ourselves from the active consciousness we carry around in the world. We then extrapolate from this experience to determine that action is an illusion and cessation from action is Real. Sri Aurobindo points out however that this interpretation, despite its powerful call upon the mind experiencing these things, is inaccurate and incomplete and action need not disrupt or distort the Oneness.

He writes: “In fact we find that action need not bind or limit, if we get out of this moment-cognition into a status of cognition of the eternal proper to the true consciousness. Action does not bind or limit the liberated man; action does not bind or limit the Eternal: but we can go farther and say that action does not bid or limit our own true being at all. Action has no such effect on the spiritual Person or Purusha or on the psychic entity within us, it binds or limits only the surface constructed personality.”

Thus, the evolving temporal personality experiences the limitations, but when we identify ourselves with our inner spiritual Person, we remain free and unbound regardless of the action that takes place.

“All that is in the kinesis, the movement, the action, the creation, is the Brahman; the becoming is a movement of the being; Time is a manifestation of the Eternal. All is one Being, one Consciousness, one even in infinite multiplicity, and there is no need to bisect it into an opposition of transcendent Reality and unreal cosmic Maya.”

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part I, Chapter 6, Reality and the Cosmic Illusion, pp. 460-461


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