The Vast Illusion is Not the Sole Spiritual Experience Possible

The experience that underlies and provides the powerful impetus of the Illusionist theory of existence is both something real and substantial when it occurs. It convicts all our human effort as being vain, futile and transitory and overwhelms the mind with the force of the unmoving, eternal and absolute transcendent Reality. While we have to grant that spiritual experience is more valuable than logical argument in solving the meaning of our lives, we find that there are OTHER spiritual experiences possible that are equally powerful, equally compelling, and yet do not lead to the same conclusion as the illusionist basis in experience.

Sri Aurobindo discusses this as follows: “A consummating experience which proceeds by the exceeding and elimination of all other possible but lesser experiences is, as a step towards the Absolute, admissible. A supreme experience which affirms and includes the truth of all spiritual experience, gives to each its own absolute, integralises all knowledge and experience in a supreme reality, might be the one step farther that is at once a largest illuminating and transforming Truth of all things a highest infinite Transcendence. The Brahman, the supreme Reality, is That which being known all is known; but in the illusionist solution it is That, which being known, all becomes unreal and an incomprehensible mystery: in this other experience, the Reality being known, all assumes its true significance, its truth to the Eternal and Absolute.”

Thus, the spiritual experience that sees the entire universe as both Real and Personal must also be validated within an integral solution. At some point there may be a standpoint or consciousness which holds both the negation and the affirmation to each express a truth of the Reality which is beyond our limited mental framework that seeks to affirm one aspect by denying another. A global, inclusive, integral view, however, can recognize the Truth in each of the major lines of spiritual realisation.

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part I, Chapter 6, Reality and the Cosmic Illusion, pg. 470


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