Overpassing the Sense of a Cosmic Illusion

As the mind explores deeper and deeper into the mystery of existence, creation, reality and ultimately, the significance of life, it eventually reaches what we may consider to be its “breaking point” where it is at the boundary of its own powers, and begins to recognize how enormous and how beyond its scope, the Reality of the universe actually is. It is at this point that the experience of the futility of all of life, and the powerful sense of the cosmic Illusion becomes paramount to the mind and creates the sense that all is unreal except that vast unchanging “basis” that is beyond the motions, actions, names and forms.

Sri Aurobindo describes this state: “To the mind at a certain stage all these viewpoints begin to lose their definitiveness in a large catholicity or a complex tolerant incertitude, or all the rest may fall away from it and yield place to an ultimate truth or a single absorbing experience. It is then that it is liable to feel the unreality of all that it has seen and thought and taken as part of itself or its universe. This “all” becomes to it a universal unreality or a many-sided fragmental reality without a principle of unification; as it passes into the negativing purity of an absolute experience, all falls away from it and there remains only a silent and immobile Absolute.”

He then takes us to the next step possible thereafter: “But the consciousness might be called to go farther and see again all it has left in the light of a new spiritual vision: it may recover the truth of all things in the truth of the Absolute; it may reconcile the negation of Nirvana and the affirmation of the cosmic consciousness in a single regard of That of which both are the self-expressions. In the passage from mental to overmind cognition this many-sided unity is the leading experience; the whole manifestation assumes the appearance of a singular and mighty harmony which reaches its greatest completeness when the soul stands on the border between Overmind and Supermind and looks back with a total view upon existence.”

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part I, Chapter 6, Reality and the Cosmic Illusion, pg. 471