The Finite is a Process of the Infinite

Eventually there must be a reversal of the way we see things, as we move to broader and more inclusive levels of consciousness and from there look back upon the processes of mind, life and body. At that point, Sri Aurobindo advises: “the finite would reveal itself as a power, a movement, a process of the Infinite.” It is thus only from this comprehensive standpoint that any real understanding of life and the manifested universe can be gained, as it is from this standpoint that we can see the parts in their relation to the whole; not artificially cut up and divided from one another as is the case when we start from the normal viewpoint of the human mind.

Sri Aurobindo continues: “An original and ultimate consciousness would be a consciousness of the Infinite and necessarily unitarian in its view of diversity, integral, all-accepting, all-embracing, all-discriminating because all-determining, an indivisible whole-vision. It would see the essence of things and regard all forms and movements as phenomenon and consequence of the essential Reality, motions and formations of its power of being.”

“…what appear as contradictions to a reason based on the finite may not be contradictions to a vision or a larger reason based on the infinite. What our mind sees as contraries may be to the infinite consciousness not contraries but complementaries: essence and phenomenon of the essence are complementary to each other, not contradictory,–the phenomenon manifests the essence; the finite is a circumstance and not a contradiction of the infinite; the individual is a self-expression of the universal and the transcendent,–it is not a contradiction or something quite other than it, it is the universal concentrated and selective, it is one with the Transcendent in its essence of being and its essence of nature.”

The forms of the universe are thus “an infinite Oneness expressing itself in a multiplicity of beings and aspects and powers and movements, for they are beings and aspects and powers and movements of the One.”

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part I, Chapter 6, Reality and the Cosmic Illusion, pp. 474-475

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