Understanding Infinite Consciousness

Sri Aurobindo describes the essence of the problem we bring to trying to understand the Reality from our human perspective: “All the intellectual problem and difficulty is raised by the finite reason cutting, separating, opposing the power of the Infinite to its being, its kinesis to its status, its natural multiplicity to its essential oneness, segmenting self, opposing Spirit to Nature. To understand truly the world-process of the Infinite and the Time-process of the Eternal, the consciousness must pass beyond this finite reason and the finite sense to a larger reason and spiritual sense in touch with the consciousness of the Infinite and responsive to the logic of the Infinite which is the very logic of being itself and arises inevitably from its self-operation of its own realities, a logic whose sequences are not the steps of thought but the steps of existence.”

From the viewpoint of the human being, where everything is fragmented and put into opposition to everything else, we never really have the opportunity to see and respond to the universe as a whole, and we thus fail to understand the “big picture” of the manifested existence. If we exceed and transcend the limits of human reason, we first start by seeing bigger patterns and inter-relations of forms and events, and sequencing in Time and Space that make it clear that there is a much larger Intelligence and Purpose to existence than what we ordinarily grasp. The vastness of the Universe, combined with the unending extent of Time, and the minute detail of all the inter-workings and interweavings of the web of Life all show us that the human Reason is not a competent tool for understanding Infinity.

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part I, Chapter 6, Reality and the Cosmic Illusion, pg. 475