Methodology For Overcoming Self-Deception of Surface Nature, Part 2

Sri Aurobindo continues his discussion on how to take control of the psychology of the surface being from the inner central Being: “But while on the surface their action is mixed together, confused and conflicting, here in our depths they can be seen and worked upon in their independent and separate nature and action and a harmonisation of them by the mental being in us, leader of the life and body,–or, better, by the central psychic entity,–is not so difficult, provided we have the right psychic and mental will in the endeavor: for if it is with the vital-ego motive that we make the entry into our subliminal being, it may result in serious dangers and disaster or at the least an exaggeration of ego, self-affirmation and desire, an enlarged and more powerful ignorance instead of an enlarged and more powerful knowledge. Moreover, we find in this inner or subliminal being the means of directly distinguishing between what rises from within and what comes to us from outside, from others or from universal Nature, and it becomes possible to exercise a control, a choice, a power of willed reception, rejection and selection, a clear power of self-building and harmonisation which we do not possess or can operate very imperfectly in our composed surface personality but which is the prerogative of our inner Person. For by this entry into the depths the inner being, no longer quite veiled, no longer obliged to exercise a fragmentary influence on its outer instrumental consciousness, is able to formulate itself more luminously in our life in the physical universe.”

This series of insights into the inner psychology and its ability to see, understand and control the surface nature is a key line of action for the spiritual seeker. Sri Aurobindo related his own experience when he was asked to meditate and to see the thoughts coming in from outside and before they formed to reject them. The result was a liberation and silence of the mind, which became the basis for future realisations and yogic development.
Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part I, Chapter 10, Knowledge by Identity and Separative Knowledge, pg. 534


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