Powers of Action of the Cosmic Energies

Sri Aurobindo explores next the action of the cosmic energies: “on the side of action, of the cosmic energies, it is seen that they move in masses, waves, currents constantly constituting and reconstituting beings and objects, movements and happenings, entering into them, passing through them, forming themselves in them, throwing themselves out from them on other beings and objects.”

We see here a description that modern physics could accept for the “wave” action of energies and their ability to create forms, as matter is now clearly accepted by scientists as being organised forms of energy.

“Each natural individual is a receptacle of these cosmic forces and a dynamo for their propagation; there passes from each to each a constant stream of mental and vital energies, and these run too in cosmic waves and currents no less than the forces of physical Nature.”

Sri Aurobindo passes here from the realm of purely physical forces of Nature to address the mental and vital forces. The application of this understanding of physical forces to the mental and vital realms constitutes an exceptionally powerful paradigm of understanding that can be of tremendous use, particularly for those practicing spiritual development as it clarifies many things which impinge on the individual’s ability to develop and progress.

“All this action is veiled from our surface mind’s direct sense and knowledge, but it is known and felt by the inner being, though only through a direct contact; when the being enters into the cosmic consciousness, it is still more widely, inclusively, intimately aware of this play of cosmic forces.”

We can enter states of awareness where we can clearly see and experience the movement of these cosmic waves and energies as they enter us and move through us, in some cases being filtered and redistributed in a modified form, while in others being expressed directly by us virtually the same way they came in. This helps us understand a lot of what is termed “mass psychology” in fact, or the recognition that there are waves of understanding, waves of emotion that can move entire societies of people to change course and act in a unified manner.

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part I, Chapter 10, Knowledge by Identity and Separative Knowledge, pg. 543

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