Acquiring Knowledge of Our Inner Being

Sri Aurobindo makes it clear that the study of psychology, particularly in the West, has focused more on unusual phenomena and states, and has failed to adequately and completely grasp the real state of consciousness and awareness that drives our daily lives and surface awareness. It is however, precisely the inner subliminal state of consciousness which is more completely aware and interacting with the forces that are constantly impinging on us and creating our response in action.

“This concealed self and consciousness is our real or whole being, of which the outer is a part and a phenomenon, a selective formation for a surface use. We perceive only a small number of the contacts of things which impinge upon us; the inner being perceives all that enters or touches us and our environment. We perceive only a part of the workings of our life and being; the inner being perceives so much that we might almost suppose that nothing escapes its view. We remember only a small selection from our perceptions, and of these even we keep a great part in a store-room where we cannot always lay our hand upon what we need; the inner being retains everything that it has ever received and has it always ready to hand. We can form into co-ordinated understanding and knowledge only so much of our perceptions and memories as our trained intelligence and mental capacity can grasp in their sense and appreciate in their relations: the intelligence of the inner being needs no training, but preserves the accurate form and relations of all its perceptions and memories and,–though this is a proposition which may be considered doubtful or difficult to concede in its fullness,–can grasp immediately, when it does not possess already, their significance.”

Clearly there is a wide field here for psychological examination and effort if we are to gain any truer sense of who we are, and why we are here.

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part I, Chapter 11, The Boundaries of the Ignorance, pg. 556

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