Evil and Falsehood Arise in the Worlds of Life

Sri Aurobindo addresses the question as to whether the existence of forces of evil and falsehood at other levels of existence, the supraphysical or pre-physical validates the idea of their actually being cosmic principles. His review of this issue leads him to conclude that these forces do not exist at the highest planes of existence, but seem to be relegated to the realms of life, or of mind acting in life, and thus they do not rise to the level of ultimate principles, but intermediary creations.

“…it is to be noted that their appearance does not extend higher than the lower supraphysical life planes; they are “powers of the Prince of Air”,–air being in the ancient symbolism the principle of life and therefore of the mid-worlds where the vital principle is predominant and essential. The adverse opposites are not, then primal powers of the cosmos, but creations of Life or of Mind in life.”

An explanation of the arising of evil and falsehood in these other realms can be that there exist separate worlds representing each principle of the manifestation, worlds of matter, life, mind, that represent each of these principles in their native sense during the stages of both involution of consciousness into the Inconscience, and then the evolution of consciousness out of the Inconscience.

As a practical matter, Sri Aurobindo points out “it is as an outcome of the Inconscience that we can best watch and understand the origin of falsehood, error, wrong and evil, for it is in the return of Inconscience towards Consciousness that they can be seen taking their formation and it is there that they seem to be normal and even inevitable.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part I, Chapter 14, The Origin and Remedy of Falsehood, Error, Wrong and Evil