Path to Overcome the Limitations Causing Error, Falsehood & Evil

Sri Aurobindo, having now analysed the underlying causes of error, falsehood and evil, is able to develop a methodology for moving beyond these limitations. The vital force is needed for the effectuation of the potential of the body and the mind, so the potential solution of simply eliminating the action of this force, more or less what is proposed by ascetic paths, is not an actual resolution of the problem. Sri Aurobindo points us to a more comprehensive solution: “It is only if the inner or true vital being replaces the outer life-personality that the drive of the vital ego can be wholly overcome and the life-force become the servant of the soul and a powerful instrumentation for the action of our true spiritual being.”

The issue here is to take the underlying drives of the vital-being and understand their deeper significance and harness them toward that end, rather than the limited goals that arise as consciousness first expands out of the Inconscience. “a limited consciousness growing out of nescience is the source of error, a personal attachment to the limitation and the error born of it the source of falsity, a wrong consciousness governed by the life-ego the source of evil. But it is evident that their relative existence is only a phenomenon thrown up by the cosmic Force in its drive towards evolutionary self-expression, and it is there that we have to look for the significance of the phenomenon. For the emergence of the life-ego is, as we have seen, a machinery of cosmic Nature for the affirmation of the individual, for his self-disengagement from the indeterminate mass substance of the subconscient, for the appearance of a conscious being on a ground prepared by the Inconscience; the principle of life-affirmation of the ego is the necessary consequence.”

The underlying impetus is “towards an evolutionary unification in diversity;…the impulse to the infinite.” It is translated into “the will to expand, to be a boundless finite, to take everything it can into itself, to enter into everything and possess it, even to be possessed if by that it can feel itself satisfied and growing in or through others or get thereby a help or an impulse for its life-affirmation, its life-delight, its enrichment of its mental, vital or physical existence.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part I, Chapter 14, The Origin and Remedy of Falsehood, Error, Wrong and Evil