Healing the Divided Consciousness of Our Being: The Issue

Sri Aurobindo has pointed out that it takes a complete change of consciousness to effect the evolutionary leap required to overcome the limitations of error, falsehood, and evil. He explores the issue of how to actually undertake this step: “But since the root of the difficulty is a split, limited and separative existence, this change must consist in an integration, a healing of the divided consciousness of our being, and since that division is complex and many-sided, no partial change on one side of the being can be passed off as a sufficient substitute for the integral transformation. Our first division is that created by our ego and mainly, most forcefully, most vividly by our life-ego, which divides us from all other beings as not-self and ties us to our ego-centricity and the law of an egoistic self-affirmation. It is in the errors of this self-affirmation that wrong and evil first arise: wrong consciousness engenders wrong will in the members, in the thinking mind, in the heart, in the life-mind and the sensational being, in the very body-consciousness; wrong will engenders wrong action of all these instruments, a multiple error and many-branching crookedness of thought and will and sense and feeling.”

This division however is not limited to the experience within an individual’s own (apparently separate) existence, but between one being and another, as we treat everyone outside our limited ego as “other” and therefore face the division both internally and externally with all the consequences of wrong thought, wrong will and wrong action interweaving all actions and interactions.

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part I, Chapter 14, The Origin and Remedy of Falsehood, Error, Wrong and Evil

Sri Aurobindo Twitter Post Update

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