From the Darkness to the Light

Sri Aurobindo succintly describes the boundaries of the Ignorance and the process of moving into the Knowledge: “Its [the Ignorance] origin is a limitation of knowledge, its distinctive character a separation of the being from its own integrality and entire reality; its boundaries are determined by this separative development of the consciousness, for it shuts us to our true self and to the true self and whole nature of things and obliges us to live in an apparent surface existence. A return or a progrss to integrality, a disappearance of the limitation, a braeking down of separativeness, an overpassing of boundaries, a recovery of our essential and whole reality must be the sign and opposite character of the inner turn towards Knowledge. There must be a replacement of a limited and separative by an essential and integral consciousness identified with the original truth and the whole truth of self and existence. The integral Knowledge is something that is already there in the integral Reality: it is not a new or still non-existent thing that has to be created, acquired, learned, invented or built up by the mind; it must rather be discovered or uncovered, it is a Truth that is self-revealed to a spirititual endeavor: for it is there veiled in our deeper and greater self; it is the very stuff of our own spiritual consciousness, and it is by awaking to it even in our surface self that we have to possess it. There is an integral self-knowledge that we have to recover and, because the world-self also is our self, an integral world-knowledge.”

This is not a form of mental knowledge; not a construction of logic, thought, idea, philosophy, religious precept or creed. While these have their own value and may constitute steps on the way from the darkness of Nescience to the light of Knowledge, eventually we have to pass beyond this mental form of knowing.

Sri Aurobindo once explained “When we have passed beyond all knowings, then we shall have Knowledge. The intellect is the helper, the intellect is the bar.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 15, Reality and the Integral Knowledge