Freedom To Explore The Depths of Consciousness

Sri Aurobindo takes issue with the standpoint that arises sometimes in the scientific community that refuses to investigate or explore the subjective realms out of hand, purely on the basis of its subjective nature. In earlier posts we have discussed the fact that even “objective” reality has its reference in our awareness on a subjective basis; and it must be admitted that the development of the field of quantum physics has begun to demolish the arbitrary walls between objective and subjective, about which Sri Aurobindo was commenting at the time. Just as science takes issue with religious dogma that interferes with the investigation of physical nature and facts of the material and energetic planes, so also, psychic science must take issue with any material science that refuses to admit this area of research.

Sri Aurobindo discusses these issues in more depth: “The greatest inner discoveries, the experience of self-being, the cosmic consciousness, the inner calm of the liberated spirit, the direct effect of mind upon mind, the knowledge of things by consciousness in direct contact with other consciousness or with its objects, most spiritual experiences of any value, cannot be brought before the tribunal of the common mentality which has no experience of these things and takes its own absence or incapacity of experience as a proof of their invalidity or their non-existence. Physical truth of formulas, generalisations, discoveries founded upon physical observation can be so referred, but even there a training of capacity is needed before one can truly understand and judge; it is not every untrained mind that can follow the mathematics of relativity or other difficult scientific truths or judge of the validity either of their result or their process. All reality, all experience must indeed, to be held as true, be capable of verification by a same or similar experience; so, in fact, all men can have a spiritual experience and can follow it out and verify it in themselves, but only when they have acquired the capacity or can follow the inner methods by which that experience and verification are made possible.”

Sri Aurobindo concludes: “It is of supreme importance for the human spirit to be free to sound the depths of inner or subliminal reality, of spiritual and of what is still superconscient reality, and not to immure itself in the physical mind and its narrow domain of objective external solidities; for in that way alone can there come liberation from the Ignorance in which our mentality dwells and a release into a complete consciousness, a true and integral self-realisation and self-knowledge.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 15, Reality and the Integral Knowledge