A Perfected and Divinised Life Is the Goal of the Manifested Universe

Having traced the steps of the manifestation and systematic evolution of consciousness from the Inconscience, to the successive revelations of Matter, Life and Mind, Sri Aurobindo points out that this provides sufficient data points to recognize the pattern and thereby the significance of this evolutionary progression. “An involution of spirit in the Inconscience is the beginning; an evolution in the Ignorance with its play of the possibilities of a partial developing knowledge is the middle, and the cause of the anomalies of our present nature,–our imperfection is the sign of a transitional state, a growth not yet completed, an effort that is finding its way; a consummation in a deployment of the spirit’s self-knowledge and the self-power of its divine being and consciousness is the culmination: these are the three stages of this cycle of the spirit’s progressive self-expression in life.”

“The two stages that have already their play seem at first sight to deny the possibility of the later consummating stage of the cycle, but logically they imply its emergence; for if the inconscience has evolved consciousness, the partial consciousness already reached must surely evolve into complete consciousness. It is a perfected and divinised life for which the earth-nature is seeking, and this seeking is a sign of the Divine Will in Nature.”

There are other possible seekings and realisations possible but they do not fulfill the complete and integrated goal signaled by the complex world of manifestation and consciousness which we see around us. They are rather exclusive concentrations on one aspect or another without the complete harmonisation of the multiple different goals and signs we see. Sri Aurobindo points out that these other seekings cannot be the ultimate intention “for then an evolutionary progression would not have been undertaken,–such a progression here can only have for its aim a self-fulfillment here: a progressive manifestation of this kind can only have for its soul of significance the revelation of Being in a perfect Becoming.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 16, The Integral Knowledge and the Aim of Life; Four Theories of Existence

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