Completeness of Knowledges Unites Man, Nature & God

As Sri Aurobindo has shown, true knowledge cannot be obtained by suppressing or eliminating any one of the three categories of knowledge we have been reviewing, namely man, Nature and God. “An acceptance, a perception of the unity of these three categories is essential to the Knowledge; it is towards their unity as well as their integrality that the growing self-consciousness of the individual opens out and at which it must arrive if it is to be satisfied of itself and complete. For without the realisation of unity the Knowledge of none of the three can be entire; their unity is for each the condition of its own integrality. It is, again, by knowing each in its completeness that all three meet in our consciousness and become one; it is in a total knowledge that all knowing becomes one and indivisible.”

The method of expanding one category of knowledge to the exclusion of one or both of the other two, as we have seen in prior review of this question, arbitrarily and incorrectly truncates the completeness of knowledge and leads to inadequate conclusions.

The methodology therefore is “to enlarge his knowledge of himself, his knowledge of the world and his knowledge of God until in their totality he becomes aware of their mutual indselling and oneness. For so long as he knows them only in part, there will be an incompleteness resulting in division, and so long as he has not realised them in a reconciling unity, he will not have found their total truth or the fundamental significances of existence.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 17, The Progress to Knowledge–God, Man and Nature”

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