Finding God Through Nature

Just as the seeking for individual self-realisation can lead to the recognition of the unity between the individual soul, Nature and God, so also, an initial focus on Nature can lead to a similar revelation, as Sri Aurobindo points out in this chapter. The exploration of Nature eventually comes to yield an understanding of the incredible intelligence and order that underlies all manifestations of Nature, and eventually one recognizes that behind all surface appearances there is a consciousness that encompasses, embraces & constitutes all of manifested existence.

“He must discover the will and intelligence secret in the works of Force, operative in material and vital phenomena; he must perceive it as one in the waking consciousness, the subconscient and the superconscient: he must find the soul in the body of the material universe. Pursuing Nature through these categories in which he recognises his unity with the rest of the cosmos, he finds a Supernature behind all that is apparent, a supreme power of the Spirit in Time and beyond Time, in Space and beyond Space, a conscious Power of the Self who by her becomes all becomings, of the Absolute who by her manifests all relativities. He knows her, in other words, not only as a material Energy, Life-Force, Mind-Energy, the many faces of Nature, but as the power of Knowledge-Will of the Divine Lord of being, the Consciousness-Force of the self-existent Eternal and Infinite.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 17, The Progress to Knowledge–God, Man and Nature”