A Divine Consciousness and a Divine Life

At this point, Sri Aurobindo brings together the various threads of human aspiration and seeking, the seeking for the Absolute, Transcendent God; the seeking for the highest manifestation of cosmic Nature, and the seeking for the perfection of the individual Soul in existence.

God is conceived of as the Absolute, the Lord and Creator, the timeless Self. At the same time, God also manifests as the embodied Spirit in Nature. The seeking after God, the Transcendent, leads us to the Absolute, beyond time, space and circumstance. The pursuit of the truth of Nature brings us to the realisation that all manifested energy in the cosmos is the self-effectuated energy of God. This is the point where the seekers after the Absolute, and the seekers after the truth of the manifestation can find their unity, in the recognition that both the Transcendent and the Manifest are the same Absolute. “this truth of the Absolute is the justification of the cycles of the world; it is not their denial. It is the Self-Being that has become all these becomings; the Self is the eternal unity of all these existences,–I am He. Cosmic energy is not other than the conscious force of that Self-existent: by that energy it takes through universal nature innumerable forms of itself; through its divine nature it can, embracing the universal but transcendent of it, arrive in them at the individual possession of its complete existence, when its presence and power are felt in one, in all and in the relations of one with all;–this is the truth of being to which man’s entire knowledge of himself in God and in Nature rises and widens. A triune knowledge, the complete knowledge of God, the complete knowledge of himself, the complete knowledge of Nature, gives him his high goal; it assigns a vast and full sense to the labour and effort of humanity. The conscious unity of the three, God, Soul and Nature, in his own consciousness is the sure foundation of his perfection and his realisation of all harmonies: this will be his highest and widest state, his status of a divine consciousness and a divine life and its initiation the starting-point for his entire evolution of his self-knowledge, world-knowledge, God-knowledge.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 17, The Progress to Knowledge–God, Man and Nature”