Principles of the Evolutionary Process

In this next chapter, Sri Aurobindo takes up the actual process by which the evolution of consciousness takes place in the manifestation. In the chapter head he cites an interesting quotation from the Yajur Veda: “I have arisen from earth to the mid-world, I have arisen from the mid-world to heaven, from the level of the firmament of heaven I have gone to the Sun-world, the Light.”

Elsewhere Sri Aurobindo has described the symbolic language used by the Vedic Seers to describe psychological states and movements of consciousness. It is quite clear from the passage here noted that we are looking at a description of the evolution of consciousness from the level of Matter, to Life, to Mind and eventually to the Supramental Levels, previously outlined by Sri Aurobindo as the steps of the evolution of consciousness.

Sri Aurobindo has outlined this very succinctly in this chapter: “At the outset, we can easily see that, since this is an evolution out of a material Inconscience into spiritual consciousness, an evolutionary self-building of Spirit on a base of Matter, there must be in the process a development of a triple character. An evolution of forms of Matter more and more subtly and intricately organised so as to admit the action of a growing, a more and more complex and subtle and capable organisation of consciousness is the indispensable physical foundation. An upward evolutionary progress of the consciousness itself from grade to higher grade, an ascent, is the evident spiral line or emerging curve that, on this foundation, the evolution must describe. A taking up of what has already been evolved into each higher grade as it is reached and a transformation more or less complete so as to admit of a total changed working of the whole being and nature, an integration, must be also part of the process, if the evolution is to be effective.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 18, The Evolutionary Process — Ascent and Integration

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