Transformation of Life Through the Spiritual Change of Consciousness

Sri Aurobindo indicates that the expansion, development and extension of the 3 current foundational principles of manifestation, Matter, Life and Mind, have their limits; and it is within these limits that the evolutionary development we have been reviewing needs to take place. To go beyond this, to a basis that exceeds the peak of mental man’s capabilities, another principle of manifestation must come forth as the earlier ones came forth on the preceding basis. Sri Aurobindo describes this as the spiritual transformation. “…for so long as we live in the surface being or found ourselves wholly on Matter, it is impossible to go higher and vain to expect that there can be any new transition of a radical character in our evolutionary being. The vital man, the mental man have had an immense effect upon the earth-life, they have carried humanity forward from the mere human animal to what it is now. But it is only within the bounds of the already established evolutionary formula of the human being that they can act; they can enlarge the human circle but not change or transform the principle of consciousness or its characteristic operation. Any attempt to heighen inordinately the mental or exaggerate inordinately the vital man,–a Nietzschean supermanhood, for example,–can only colossalise the human creature, it cannot transform or divinise him. A different possibility opens if we can live within in the inner being and make it the direct ruler of life or station ourselves on the spiritual and intuitive planes of being and from there and by their power transmute our nature.”

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Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 18, The Evolutionary Process — Ascent and Integration